May 2014

Judy Willis


Neurologist and Educator - Best teaching practices


Dr. Judy Willis, neurologist turned educator, is a leading authority on brain research regarding learning and best teaching practices.


Andrew Butler


Memory - Retrieval practice


Andrew is a Postdoctoral Research Scholar at Duke University. He has contributed to many publications on retrieval practice or test-enhanced learning.


The Science of Learning

The latest scientific research on learning for students

Retrieval Practice

Cognitive research has found that retrieval practice is a highly effective method of learning. Everytime you retrieve information from the brain in strengthens neural pathways.



Henry Roediger

Jeffrey Karpicke

Andrew Butler


Jeffrey Karpicke


Cognitive learning - Retrieval practice


Dr. Jeffrey Karpicke, Purdue University. Retrieval based learning

Teacher menu R - Z

Student Mindsets

The importance of developing a growth mindset

Concentration and Attention

Definition: Attending to lectures and other academic tasks; monitoring and adjusting attention to performance; concentrating and the avoidance of distractions.


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