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Are students getting tougher to handle? by Patrick O’Neill (Zanesville Times Recorder)

“Because It Works!” Or Does It? by Richard L. Curwin (ASCD). The students who suffer most from degrading disciplinary techniques are the ones who need motivation the most, writes Richard Curwin in this Inservice post. Curwin, whose books include Discipline with Dignity, shares that the fact that a discipline technique works is not a sufficient reason to use it. He explains why it's important to rethink strategies to make sure they are good for all students and help schools achieve maximum learning while protecting students from emotional harm. 

Behavior Expectations and How to Teach Them by Aaron Hogan (Edutopia). Educators should take the same approach to teaching behavior expectations as they do with academic work, assistant principal Aaron Hogan writes in this blog post. He suggests educators set clear expectations, think of memorable ways to teach students those expectations and make plans to reteach the lessons. 

Classroom management tips and tricks (Back-to-school tips for effective classroom management) by Ed Bates (SmartBlog). The first few weeks of a new school year can set the tone for success for the remainder of the year, educator and national trainer Ed Bates writes in this blog post. He shares tips for creating effective classroom procedures. 

Duke study: Discipline problems increase when students repeat a grade by Jane Stancill (NewsObserver)

Five Practices That Provoke Misbehavior by Eric Toshalis (ASCD). Teachers can unknowingly cause misbehavior by triggering students' negative emotions. Here are five potential provocations—and what you can do instead.

To reduce student suspensions, teachers should try being more empathetic by Emily Underwood (Science Mag). Student suspensions dropped by about half when math teachers showed more empathy in the classroom, according to a study by Stanford University researcher Jason Okonofua. "[B]y changing the mindset of just one of their teachers, students had better behavior across all of their classes," he said.

Top 10 Behaviour Management Strategies by Shaun Killian (Evidence Based Teaching). Most teachers are not surprised to learn that successful behaviour management is crucial to both students’ success and to their own sanity. However, you may not be sure which behaviour management strategies have the most impact.

Why Is Classroom Management Such a Problem for New Teachers? by Roxanna Elden (EdWeek). In an interview, educator and author Roxanna Elden talks about getting new teachers to stay in the classroom, even when times get especially tough. 



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Behaviour Online

Bill Rogers Highly recommended.




Bill Rogers (YouTube Channel). Highly recommended. Practical tips from a highly respected leader in classroom behaviour management.

Rob Plevin (YouTube Channel)



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