Children Check



Suggested Guidelines



This applies from 15 June, 2013 to any new Employee or new Volunteer.




Go to the following website: New Working With Children Check (NSW Government).


1. Fill in an online form. If you have trouble contact the customer service line on (02) 29867627.


2.Take the application number to one of the following:

    a. NSW Motor registry, OR

    b. Government access centre


3. Pay the fee and have your identity confirmed.  You will need to take your application number and proof of identity with you (eg driver’s licence, passport, birth certificate).


4. The fee to be paid is $80 for a paid worker.  (There is no fee for volunteers, students).


5. You will be notified by email or post of the results of your application receiving either a “clearance” or “bar” with an email or a letter advising you of your “Working with Children Check” number and the date on which your clearance will expire.


6. Your Check will remain valid for five (5) year [unless a “bar” comes against you].


7. You will need to present your “Working with Children Check” number to your employer before you can commence your new job (it's on the letter from the Office of the Children's Guardian. The letter contains the banner, featured just here:)





A: Fill in online form and get application number.

B. Take application number  & proof of identity to:  Motor Registry OR Government access centre.

C: Pay $80 fee if for paid work OR no cost if volunteer.

D: Notification of results by email or post giving “Working with Children Check” number and expiry date (5 years).

E: Give your “Working with Children Check” number to your prospective employer prior to starting your new job.





For those who work at Coffs Harbour Christian Community School, please ring Mrs Jenny Worthy on (02) 6653400 if you have any questions.



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