Classroom Management



Looking at Classroom Practice (What does it look like to improve my teaching practice?) (AITSL - Australia)




Do We Really Have High Expectations for All? by Barbara Blackburn (MiddleWeb). Teachers need to have the same high expectations for all students, according to author and education expert Barbara Blackburn. In this article, she explains how teachers' actions may inadvertently run counter to their expressed desire to hold high expectations for students. 

Five Classroom Policies that Uphold Student Dignity by Chad Donohue (ASCD). In this Education Update article, Chad Donohue writes, "with mounting pressure to fit in and navigate the school environment, students need teachers and administrators who are committed to lessening -- not increasing -- their burdens." Keeping this in mind, he developed five important classroom management policies that will help uphold student dignity and provide a safe learning environment for students at any grade level. 

How a 360-degree view of student performance can enhance relationships by Jennifer Medbery (SmartBlog)

I am my words by Cheryl Mizerny (ASCD). A teacher's words are extremely powerful, asserts veteran educator Cheryl Mizerny. In this blog post, she writes that she has learned how to use her words, and that her classroom climate reflects that her students are valued. "I want every child to know that I see them. I hear them. They matter to me," she writes. 

No More Interruptions: 8 Classroom Management Tips by Ryan Thomas (ASCD Edge)

Practical Ideas To Help Students & Teachers Stay Organized by Larry Ferlazzo (Education Week Teacher)

R-E-S-P-E-C-T by Barbara Persoon (ASCD). "If you treat your students as people, people who have something of value to contribute, you are more likely to have a classroom where people work as a team to achieve a common goal," writes teacher and ASCD EDge community member Barbara Persoon. In a recent ASCD EDge blog post, Persoon explains the importance of a mutual respect in the classroom and shares how you can create a positive environment in your classroom. 

Why Viewing Classroom Management as a Mystery Can Be a Good Thing by Larry Ferlazzo (Education Week). Handle frustrations and challenges by approaching classroom management as a mystery-complicated and constantly changing-rather than as a straightforward puzzle, says teacher Larry Ferlazzo.




Video Playlist: 9 Strategies for Effective Classroom Management (Teaching Channel)


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