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VIDEO - Setting up your classroom

Elementary Classroom Layout: Setup Tips from the Student Perspective

The Mentor Teacher: Setting Up Your Classroom

Tips for Teachers: Volume 1 Classroom Arrangement and Class Discussion



ARTICLES - Setting up your classroom

Designing a Classroom Where Ithaca Students Can Learn Better and Longer by Erin Barrett (ITHACA)

It’s all about that space by Fred Ende (SmartBlog). Design tips for improved classroom management. Space design is important to consider as a classroom-management tool, education leader Fred Ende writes. In this blog post, he suggests four design strategies for educators to consider when they are designing their learning spaces, including the importance of face-time and allowing for spaces not to become static. 

Learning spaces: The subconscious teacher by Lucien Vattel (SmartBlog). Tips for designing effective learning spaces. Learning spaces have a direct effect on student learning, Lucien Vattel, founder and co-director of the PlayMaker School and CEO of nonprofit GameDesk, writes in this blog post. He notes that students should be given spaces to connect -- not "sit, listen and write."  

Setting Up Your Classroom (Eduplace)

Study Shows Classroom Decor Can Distract From Learning by Kaye Burnett (WESA)

Teachers make move to improve student focus by ditching desk chairs in favor of yoga balls (Washington Post)

The ABCs of Successful Classroom Design by Robert Preidt (Health Day). Factors such as classroom design, temperature, lighting and decorations can affect students' performance, according to a recent study. The study found that classrooms between 68 and 74 degrees were optimal for learning. More exposure to natural light also seemed to help students do better in class, the researchers reported. 

Tip #4 : Understand the environment before you help with the plan. (Integrate)

Using Visuals To Reinforce Key Procedures by Grace Dearborn (ASCD Inservice)



INTERACTIVE - Setting up your classroom

Class Set-Up Tool (Scholastic)



ARTICLES - General

A therapist goes to middle school and tries to sit still and focus. She can’t. Neither can the kids by Valerie Strauss (washington Post). It is difficult to sit still and keep focused during a 90-minute class -- even for adults -- writes Angela Hanscom, a pediatric occupational therapist who recently immersed herself in a middle-school class. In this blog post, Hanscom describes her experience in the class and asserts that students should move more during the day. 

Classroom Culture: It’s Your Decision by Sean Slade (ASCD Inservice)

How The Day Starts MATTERS! by Baruti K. Kafele (ASCD Inservice)

Letting kids move in class isn’t a break from learning. It IS learning by valerie Strauss (Washington Post). Recess and free play are important parts of the school day, but educators also should integrate more movement into classroom lessons, Aleta Margolis, founder and executive director of the Center for Inspired Teaching, writes in this blog post. She describes several ways teachers can incorporate movement-based activities into their lessons. 

Transforming school culture through mutual respect by Montie Koehn (SmartBlog)

Road Tested / Calling Mulligan! Two Rules for Dynamic Discourse by Lisa Arter (ASCD). "Like many teachers trying to support sustained and respectful academic discourse, I instituted the 'rules,'" writes assistant professor Lisa Arter. In her recent Education Update article, Arter shares how you can ramp up your classroom conversations with an activity that requires everyone to pay attention and a "rule" that offers students a much-needed do-over. 


How Just The Right Lighting May Improve Learning In Classrooms (A new study reveals what kind of lighting may best support academic performance) by Jacqueline Howard (Huffington Post). Changing the lighting in a classroom may help students do better on maths tests and reading assignments, according to a study. Maths students improved their scores after taking tests in lighting that mimicked natural daylight, while reading improved in classrooms with a standard, or neutral, light, researchers found.







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