Flipped Classroom



The Flipped Classroom Jerry Overmyer (University of Northern Colorado)

What is a flipped classroom? (21 Things 4 Teachers) including: Additional Resources




5 Quick Tips to Flip Your Classroom (ITC) (free pdf download)

10 Reasons Flipped Classrooms Could Change Education by D. Frank Smith. A policy expert and author explains why using technology to leverage new forms of teaching excites both teachers and students. Flipped instruction can help maximize class time, personalize learning, excite students and teachers and build 21st-century skills, said education consultant and author Kathleen Fulton. She recently shared ways that flipped instruction can change learning. 

Empowering students through flipped learning by Tom Driscoll (SmartBlog)

Flip teaching (Wikipedia)

Flipped Classroom May Help Weaker STEM Students by Allie Bidwell (US News). College professors increasingly are piloting flipped learning models for science, technology, engineering and math disciplines. Pilot programs at Villanova University and the University of Washington have helped boost students' grades. 

Flipped learning skyrockets across the nation by Laura Devaney (eSchool News). Once brand new, the flipped learning model further cements its position in classrooms.

Flipping the classroom when home access is a problem by Jess Peterson (eSchool News). Educators still can flip learning, even if students do not have reliable access to the Internet at home, middle-school teacher Jess Peterson writes in this commentary. She suggests accessing instructional videos at home on a video-game console, a parent's smartphone or via a DVD player. 

Flipping over changes in the classroom by Ed Bates (SmartBlog). Flipped instruction can change teaching practices dramatically, educator Ed Bates writes. In this blog post, he reveals how he implements flipped instruction. "My role as teacher can now be more of a problem solver, rather than a lecturer," he writes. 

Flipping Utah schools: Lessons at home, homework in class by Lisa Schencker (The Salt Lake Tribune). Teachers in Utah and nationwide are embracing the flipped instructional method with varied amounts of success. One Utah middle-school teacher reported that after she adopted flipped instruction, the number of her students failing math fell from 40 to just three. However, others report challenges as well, including ensuring that students actually watch instructional videos outside of the classroom. 

How Flipped Classrooms Are Growing and Changing by D. Frank Smith (EdTEch)

Is the Flipped Class Model Here to Stay? by Benjamin Levy (Education Week). Enthusiasts believe that the flipped classroom movement is completely transforming education, while detractors believe that the technological hurdles are too formidable. So where are we right now?

Modifying the Flipped Classroom: The "In-Class" Version by Jennifer Gonzalez (Edutopia)

Report: Interest in Flipped Classrooms Surpasses Other Digital Learning Trends by Leila Meyer (The Journal)

Students favour online technology in 'flipped' classroom models by Sarah Muller (SMH). More teachers in Australia have adopted flipped classroom instruction to use class time for in-depth learning. The model fosters independent learning and encourages students to take ownership of their education, Bruce Dixon of the Anytime Anywhere Learning Foundation says. 

Using flipped learning to boost engagement by Laura Devaney. Flipped instruction has the ability to shift learning to an inquiry-based model, flipped-learning leaders Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams said during a recent ASCD webinar. This article shares the pair's "Four Ts," which are designed to help teachers integrate flipped instruction in their own classrooms. 




Fort Mill teachers flip classrooms, change how they teach by Rachel Southmayd (Fort Mill Times)



VIDEO - Brief

The flipped classroom model (High-Quality Blended Learning) YouTube

I Flip, You Flip, We All Flip: Setting Up a Flipped Classroom YouTube

What is a flipped classroom? (in 60 seconds) YouTube



VIDEO - Lecture

Introduction to Flipped Learning GIE13 YouTube



VIDEO - Subject: 'History'

Flipped History Videos - YouTube



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