Internet Safety


I Introduction


1. What is social networking?

Video 1a: Social Networking


2. What tools are offered by social networking sites?

"I asked my teenage daughter what she used the Internet for before Facebook. Her reply was that it was boring. She used YouTube, messenger, email, music downloading and that’s about it. However, that has all changed. Now she is connected nearly every spare minute she has because of Facebook. Facebook offers so many tools in one package. It is a blog, a messaging tool, a photo repository, a gaming tool – it basically is an all in one communication package, which is not just available on the PC or Mac. The increase in the number of handheld devices like smartphones and the Ipod touch allow access to applications like Facebook from almost anywhere."  Article source: teenage-cyber-bullying-and-facebook-reducing-the-risks


3. What advice does Anne Collier give to parents and teachers?

Video 1b. Social Networking Anne Collier, US web safety expert.



II Security of Information

a) Photos and Geotagging

4. What is the geotagging? What risks do geotagged pose?


Article on photos and geotagging

Stalking - Dangers

Facebook book - World's largest photo library


5. What are some of the other dangers of posting photos?


b) Downloaded applications

6. How do you know if an app is safe to use?

Mobile phone apps

California Attorney General Kamala Harris on app data privacy



c) Facebook and Privacy

7. Are the default settings of social networking sites safe?

Privacy Settings Concerns

Automatic Tagging - Facebook Face Recognition Software

Image URL



Google Image Search


Image URL



Google Image Search



10 New Privacy Settings Every User Should Know.


Logging off


Logging out of Facebook is not enough


Facebook - Privacy Settings


Facebook -Advanced Privacy Settings



III Cyberbully versus Predator

8. Which is the greatest danger? What does the research show?

Video 2- Predator Panic

Video 3 - Cyberbullying


9. How can online tragedies be prevented?

Video 4-One Boy's Online Tragedy




IV Help

10. What advice would you offer parents in regard to teenage internet usage?

Video 5-Stop Block and Tell

Facebook Help - Report abuse and violations. Safety tips

Australian Government

Stay Smart Online

Bullying - No Way

Buddies - Secondary

Cyber Smart

The Easy Guide to Socialising Online

Glossary of Cyber- Computer terms


Other Sites

OnGuardOnline  Government website with videos, games and articles

Stop Think Connect




V Other Links

Asking Teens about Facebook

Unit 10 Internet Safety


A Parents Guide to Facebook

Helpful pdfs


Advice for Parents


Social Networking - Youtube clips

Social Networking Security Awareness


Social network users taking major security risks



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