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Beyond Working Hard: What Growth Mindset Teaches Us About Our Brains by Katrina Schwartz (Mind/Shift). Many schools have welcomed the idea of fostering a "growth mindset" among students and educators, but some experts say there are common misconceptions about the approach. For example, the concept is not interchangeable with "resiliency" or "having high expectations." Rather, "it is the belief that qualities can change and that we can develop our intelligence and abilities," says Eduardo Briceño, co-founder and CEO of Mindset Works. 

Can Minecraft Foster a Growth Mindset? by Matt Renwick (PLP Network)

Inclusion: Cultivating a Growth Mindset by Elizabeth Stein (MiddleWeb)

On the Road to Growth by Laura Varlas (ASCD). Carol Dweck, a growth mindset psychologist and author, ignited a motivation revolution with her concept that individuals can develop their intelligence through strategic effort. But the road to growth isn't always straightforward, she explained to conference attendees.

The Effort Effect (According to a Stanford psychologist, you’ll reach new heights if you learn to embrace the occasional tumble) by Marina Krakovsky (Stanford Alumni)



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