Learning Skills

School Motivation and Learning Strategies Inventory

The ten key learning skills are based upon the School Motivation and Learning Strategies Inventory (SMALSI) psychological assessment survey produced by Kathy Chatham Stroud, Ph.D. & Cecil R. Reynolds, Ph.D.

Over 30 years of research has shown that the following list of factors all influence academic achievement

Positive factors which impact learning

  1. Study Strategies
  2. Note-taking/Listening Skills
  3. Writing/Research Skills
  4. Reading/Comprehension Strategies
  5. Test-Taking Strategies
  6. Time Management
  7. Organisational Techniques

Negative factors which impact learning

  1. Test Anxiety
  2. Low Academic Motivation
  3. Concentration/Attention Difficulties
  • Students who engage in strategic learning and test-taking perform at higher academic levels than those who do not.
  • If you improve the study skills, learning strategies, reading comprehension, and test-taking behavior of students, their academic achievement will also improve.
  • This is true at all grade levels, with both regular and special education students.



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