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Stress and Overcoming Test Anxiety

ARTICLE - Test Anxiety

Concern: Student’s experience of debilitating symptoms of test anxiety lower performance on tests due to excessive worry.

Tips to ease students’ test anxiety by Cheryl Mizerny (SmartBlog). Teachers can help ease test anxiety and increase students' potential to perform well on the exams by addressing the needs of the whole child, middle-grades teacher Cheryl Mizerny writes in this blog post. She shares several tips to help students cope, including putting tests into perspective. 



ARTICLE - Student 'Stress'

How Harnessing the Positive Side of Stress Can Change Student Mindsets by Katrina Schwartz (Mind Shift). Thinking about stress in a positive way may help improve learning, suggests Kelly McGonigal, a health psychologist and lecturer at Stanford University. She shares three interventions to help reshape how students approach stress and boost resiliency.




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