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5 Keys to Teaching Writing by Suzanne Klein (ASCD Edge)

Four Ways To Foster Independent Readers And Writers by Nicole Zuerblis (ASCD). "As an elementary reading specialist, my passion and my goal is always to give students the confidence to see themselves as readers and writers," writes ASCD Emerging Leader Nicole Zuerblis. In a recent Inservice post, Zuerblis shares strategies to help your students become more independent readers and writers. 

Seven Considerations When Developing Adolescent Literacy by Beth Morrow (ASCD). "Improving basic literacy skills in adolescent learners is no doubt a huge challenge, but it is not an impossible task," writes educator Beth Morrow. In a recent Inservice post, Morrow discusses the challenges of balancing the need to build literacy in older students with the need to increase content knowledge and shares seven points educators should consider when developing adolescent literacy. 

Literacy For All Learners by Klea Scharberg (ASCD). "How we personalize the learning of literacy skills for each of our students is where we show the art of teaching," writes project manager for Whole Child Programs at ASCD Klea Scharberg. In a recent Inservice post, Scharberg shares activity examples to help educators find new and varied ways to engage students in learning literacy. 




Subject-Verb Agreement (COMMNET)




5 Ways To Grease Your Reading Skills by Colin Field (ASCD). "Reading is like food for the brain which is feeding it with all sorts of information," writes ASCD EDge community member Colin Field. In a recent blog post, Field shares a few productive ways to improve reading skills for those who haven't yet blossomed. 

Brain Scans Show Why Reading to Kids Is Good for Them by Amy Norton (HealthDay). Experts generally tout the brain benefits of reading to young children, but now a study using functional MRI scans confirms the theory. The study, published in Pediatrics, shows that reading to preschoolers increased activity in an area of the brain responsible for semantic processing. 




5 Reasons Reluctant Readers are Reluctant by Ryan Thomas (ASCD Edge)






Effective Practices in Literacy and Numeracy (NSW Government)

Engaging students through literacy and numeracy. Resources for teachers, students and parents Years 7-10 (NSW Board of Studies)

More advanced math and reading in kindergarten benefits school performance by Dr. Catharine Paddock (Medical News Today)




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