PE/Sport Games



Ideal PE / Sport lessons include:


Step 1 – Admin & introductions. Students want to see a teacher that is enthusiastic and organized…

  • paperwork / rolls
  • equipment ready
  • wearing sports gear
  • whistle


Step 2 - Dynamic Games as Warm-Ups


Step 3 - Stretching


Step 4 - Fitness & Conditioning / Skill Development / Sport Specific Activities


Step 5 – Cool Down


Step 6 – Review


Helpful tips:


Be enthusiastic, be prepared, offer rewards, be prepared, offer incentives, be prepared, generate healthy competition, be prepared, encourage, encourage, encourage…







Game 1: Pacman Tip

Goal / Aim: The last player to avoid being tipped wins

Equipment: 1 marked court

Rules / Instructions:

  • choose 2-3 players to be ‘IN’, trying to tip all other players
  • all players run on marked lines, stepping on line intersections / corners before changing lines
  • no jumping lines
  • once tipped, players sit down away from the game

Variation: ‘Gang-ups’




Game 2: Tail Tag

Goal / Aim: Remove tags from opposition without losing own tags. Last player remaining wins


  • braids for entire group
  • 1 marked area OR hats / cones to mark area

Rules / Instructions:

  • tuck 2 braid into shorts, allowing majority of braid to hang out behind the player
  • on whistle, students to attempt to steal other braids
  • players to throw braids out of the game once stolen
  • players eliminated once both braids are stolen
  • last player remaining in game wins

Variation:  Use OZ-TAG belts & tags OR use socks to improvise



Game 3: Fly

Goal / Aim: Hurtle-jump the furthest! Last player remaining wins


       - 7 braids per group of 5 or 6 students

Rules / Instructions:

  • divide students into groups of 5 or 6
  • allocate 7 braids per group
  • one student to set out braids on ground, evenly staggered in a row
  • students in group to jump through the row, landing in each space between braids without hitting / touching a braid (elimination if braids are hit). Last student in group to move one of the middle braids (not the first or the last) to a location of their choosing in line with the existing row OR where their foot landed on their last jump (aiming to challenge other players). Repeat this process until only one player remaining. This player then runs through it first to ensure another player will be last for the next turn
  • Last player remaining wins

Variation: Use sticks or other improvised materials instead of braids




Game 4: Ultimate Dribbler

Goal / Aim: Dribble your ball and remove opposition dribblers! Last player remaining wins


  • 1 marked area OR hats / cones to mark area
  • 1 basketball per student

Rules / Instructions:

  • within the designated area, students are to dribble their ball using the instructed method
  • whilst maintaining control of their own ball players are to attempt to knock out opposition players by knocking their ball out of the designated area
  • dribbling incorrectly results in elimination
  • last remaining player wins!

Variation: use soccerballs / hockey sticks & pucks / tennis balls etc.




Game 5: 10 for 10

Goal / Aim: 10 successful passes of the ball within one team wins 10 points. Highest team score wins


  • 1 marked area OR hats / cones to mark area
  • 1 ball of any kind
  • braids for half of group
  • scoreboard

Rules / Instructions:

  • divide group in half
  • instruct method of passing ball
  • group with ball attempts to pass ball 10 times within team without interception by other team. If ball is intercepted the roles are reversed and the other team gets to attempt 10 passes
  • 10 passes = 10 points

Variation: Substitute 10 points for 10 push-ups for other team etc.




Game 6: Ball Tips

Goal / Aim: ‘Tip’ players with the ball using passing techniques to corner the opposition


  • 1 ball
  • 1 marked area OR hats / cones to mark area
  • braids for 3-4 players

Rules / Instructions:

  • Braided players to ‘tip’ non-braided players with the ball
  • Braided players to pass ball using desired technique eg. Rugby pass
  • No throwing of ball at non-braided players
  • Non-praided players sit out once tipped
  • Last player tipped wins OR time-trials to compare teams’ success 


  • additional balls and braided players to increase intensity / difficulty
  • use different balls and ball passing techniques to link to specific sports eg. AFL hand-passing, basketball bounce-passing etc.




Game 7: Dog & Bone

Goal / Aim: Score a goal / point before you opposing  player does! Highest team score wins


  • hockey sticks for entire group (red for half & blue for half)
  • 1 hockey puck
  • goals
  • scoreboard

Rules / Instructions:

  • divide group in half
  • number each group corresponding numbers eg. 1 – 15 & 1 – 15
  • all players to be seated on opposite sides of court
  • when number is called, opposing players to run in and attempt to score a point first. Once point is scored puck is to be returned to centre of court, ready for next number to be called
  • scores are tallied for team totals

Variation: Instead of hockey equipment, use…

  • newspapers & tennis ball
  • 2 basketballs and 1 basketball hoop
  • soccer ball
  • etc.





Game 8: Rob the Nest

Goal / Aim: To acquire as many bean bags as possible for your team. Highest team score wins


  • 5 hoops
  • bean bags (same number as students present)
  • 4 braids

Rules / Instructions:

  • evenly place 4 hoops on corners of square / rectangular area. Place 5th hoop in centre and place all bean bags in centre hoop
  • divide students into 4 even groups, standing behind corresponding hoops (‘nests’)
  • on whistle, players from each nest to run towards centre hoop and retrieve 1 bean bag at a time, returning each bean bag to their ‘nest’ without dropping or throwing it. Once bean bags have been retrieved from centre, players can retrieve bags from other teams’ nests. 
  • penalty for dropping, throwing or carrying multiple bean bags is ‘5 bean bags’ deducted from group’s nest
  • 1 student per ‘nest’ can guard the nest, tipping other players in possession of bean-bags. If a player is tipped whilst in-possession of the bean-bag, the bean-bag must be returned and the offending player must return to their own ‘nest’. However, the guard must wear a braid and can be ‘sin-binned’ for ‘standing over’ the nest.

Variation: use other items in the absence of bean-bags




Game 9: Golden Child

Goal / Aim: Return own group to home base with the least casualties! Highest team score wins


  • 1 basketball
  • 1 basketball hoop
  • scoreboard

Rules / Instructions:

  • divide group in half
  • 1 group (‘shooters’) to line up at designated spot, ready to shoot hoops
  • 1 group (‘runners’) to stand at ‘home base’, ready to run laps. This group is to designate a ‘Golden Child’ to run last
  • on whistle, runners begin running laps of field, one at a time AND shooters begin shooting hoops, one at a time, one shot only per person
  • each time a shooter throws a ball through the hoop the runner must stop where they are and the next runner must begin a lap. Repeat until Golden Child runs.
  • When Golden Child runs the lap he/she can ‘collect’ the runners stuck in the field by tagging each one as he/she runs past. IF they all return before a shooter successfully shoots a hoop, all runners will be counted as successfully ‘home’. Then change sides and repeat the process to decide upon a winning team.

Variation: Offer extra points for ‘Golden Child’s’ successful lap eg. 5 extra team points




Game 10: Knockout

Goal / Aim: Get a basketball in the hoop before the person behind you does! Last remaining player wins


  • 2 basketballs
  • 1 basketball hoop

Rules / Instructions:

  • students to line up as one group at free-throw line and the first student shoots for the hoop. Once they have released the ball, the next person can shoot. If the second person beats the first person the first person is eliminated
  • after successful shot or elimination the ball must be returned directly to the next person in line, in order to repeat the process in a continuous fashion

Variation: divide large groups into two games using two basketball hoops, winning players have free throw shooting competitions.





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