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6 characteristics of great PD (and great classrooms) by Tom Daccord (eSchool News)

Can we change the PD culture of communication? by Tom Daccord (eSchool News). After observing a Singapore classroom, Tom Daccord, director of EdTechTeacher, writes about how educators use in-person evaluations and constructive criticism as a regular -- and effective -- part of professional development. In this commentary, Daccord writes that PD in the U.S. would be more effective if such feedback was received positively and valued by teachers.

Five Strategies to Help Educators Learn for Life by Rachael George (ASCD). How do you find the time to grow professionally and be a lifelong learner while also being a rock star with your students? In this Inservice post, ASCD Emerging Leader Rachael George shares five strategies and approaches for educators to keep your own professional development and learning integrated seamlessly into your life. These include getting connected, making professional learning a priority, and choosing your friends wisely. 

Flip Your PD for Extra Flexibility & Support by Jennifer Carey (PLP Network)

Guidelines for Designing Professional Development by Elena Aguilar (Education Week)

How teacher PD helped turn around a struggling school by Jennifer D. Jordan (The Hechinger Report). Alan Tenreiro, the 2016 National Principal of the Year, shares in this Q&A how he helped turn around his once-struggling school using personalized learning, leadership and intensive professional development for teachers. "I want our teachers to feel they are agents of change, not the object of change, and it takes some time to build that trust," he says. 

How quality PD can boost teacher retention, increase student growth by Donald Fraynd (SmartBlog). Effective professional development for teachers can have a direct effect on students' achievement and retention of top teachers, asserts Donald Fraynd, CEO of TeacherMatch and a former educator. In this blog post, he writes that effective professional development should include "teacher input, relevant subject matters and a variety of learning settings." 

How Strong is Your PD Kung Fu? Tips to make the most of PD by Todd Finley (Edutopia). It's important that educators think and act strategically about professional development, writes blogger and assistant editor Todd Finley. In this blog post, he suggests several PD opportunities that new teachers should look for and he offers tips to make the most of the experiences. 

How to Create Teacher IEPs: Individual EXPLORATION Plans by Jennie Magiera (Education Week Teacher). Jennie Magiera, digital-learning coordinator for the Academy for Urban School Leadership, said that when she had to deliver professional development for teachers at 25 schools, the cookie-cutter format did not work for teachers with varied levels of ability. She then developed Individual Exploration Plans for educators that included teachers' goals, challenges and a plan to support them and reflect on achievements.

It's Time to Make Learning Fun Again . . . Even for Adults by Carl Hooker (Edutopia). Carl Hooker, educator, speaker, blogger and consultant, in this blog post shares a model for structuring professional development that seeks to re-engage educators. His Interactive Learning Challenges model uses technology to bring educators together and shift PD away from the traditional "sit and get" model. 

It's Time to Restructure Teacher Professional Development by Mike Schmoker (Education Week). Commentary: Improve teacher PD, improve schools. It's widely known that professional development for teachers is in need of improvement, writes Mike Schmoker, an author, speaker and consultant. In this commentary, he writes that schools must fully vet professional learning programs for educators, invest only in proven methods, and then monitor the programs and their completion. 

Moving from professional development to personalized learning by Fred Ende (ASCD). One district makes personal learning work for PD. "Professional development" may not be the best term to describe continuous learning among educators, Fred Ende, assistant director of curriculum and instructional services for the Putnam/Northern Westchester BOCES in New York, writes in this blog post. He suggests a personal-learning model instead and shares how his regional council makes it work.

PD: From epic fail to epic sail by Naphtali Hoff (SmartBlog). How to deliver meaningful, effective PD for teachers. In this blog post, executive coach and former educator Naphtali Hoff shares 12 tips to help deliver useful and meaningful professional development for teachers. Tips include developing a three- to five-year plan, ensuring that PD is differentiated and investing in quality presenters. 

Report highlights impact of more time for teacher collaboration by Susan Frey (EdSource)

Sketch Noting: A Small Move To Improve Professional Learning by Amy Mount (ASCD). In this blog post on Inservice, ASCD Emerging Leader Amy Mount writes about visual note taking, also known as sketch noting, which is taking down notes and information using both words and pictures. In sketch noting, the note taker captures the images we naturally form when listening to a speaker, and creates sketches and doodles on paper or a digital device such as a tablet. Mount shares how this technique has impacted her professional development. 

Study: Billions of dollars in annual teacher training is largely a waste by Lyndsey Layton (Washington Post). Professional-development programs appear to have little effect on teacher performance despite the billions of dollars spent on them annually, according to a study by nonprofit TNTP. Researchers examined evaluation ratings, student test scores and classroom-observation data. 

The Eight Components Of Great Professional Development by Nick Morrison (Forbes). The Teacher Development Trust has released a list of eight components for successful professional development. Components include duration, content, activities and collaboration. "It is incredibly important that we respect our teachers and give them the development that our young people need," said David Weston, the trust's chief executive. 

Why Aren't Schools Giving Teachers More Collaboration Time? by Ross Brenneman (Education Week). Teachers often wish for collaboration time with peers, yet often their professional development overlooks this. Why?





HAWKER BROWNLOW EDUCATION (incl. significant Yearly Conference).

ITC (Innovative Teachers’ Companion). See also Eric Frangenheim (Rodin Education).


TTA (Teacher Training Australia) Cambridge Education.




AIS (Association of Independent Schools of NSW) Professional Learning Courses.

ANTS IN THE APPLE provides professional development trainings at NSW metropolitan and country venues to support our texts and resources (NSW Institute of Teachers).

PLANE (NSW Department of Education and Communities, the Catholic Education Commission NSW, the Association of Independent Schools NSW).




Essential guide to professional learning series (AITSL).The Australian Charter for the Professional Learning of Teachers and School Leaders (the Professional Learning Charter) describes the characteristics of a high quality professional learning culture and of effective professional learning (includes pdf documents and video).




ASCIA anaphylaxis e-training (Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy) (LOG-IN)




Curriculum and Leadership Journal. The journal is published by Education Services Australia (ESA) as a free online service for the Australian and New Zealand school education communities, with the support of the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL)




Creating riveting learning experiences for educators. Fred Ende joined ASCD Learn Teach Lead Radio as the guest for the show's premiere episode. In this 11-minute chat, Ende, author of the new ASCD Arias "Professional Learning that Sticks," discussed how to create engaging experiences that benefit each faculty member. We want our educators to be lifelong learners, he explains, so one-and-done PD is not the answer. It's important to provide personalized, ongoing support that accounts for each educator's needs. 




Podcasting for professional learning by Jeff Bradbury (ASCD). Are you an educator who commutes to work or who is looking for new and innovative ideas for your next class, faculty meeting or community event? Check out some podcasts today, writes ASCD Emerging Leader Jeff Bradbury in this blog post on Inservice. Bradbury, who hosts the TeacherCast podcast, writes about ideas for educators to create podcasts of their own and also listen to great content to drive their own professional development. 




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