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Coach G's Teaching Tips (Education Week)

Teaching Tips: Marzano Classroom Instructional Strategies (University of Missouri USA)



VIDEO (Positively MAD) (UK)

#1 Dealing with 'I can't'

#2 Improving Reading: Comprehension

#3 Positive Feedback: The PIPS Model

#4 Positive Reflection: Win, Learn, Change

#5 Positive Feedback: The What? How? Method

#6 Note-making: Keywording

#7 Questioning Skills: Wait Time

#8 Questioning Skills: Open & Closed Questions

#9 Questioning Skills: Responding to Questions

#10 Classroom Management: I-Statements




Phil Beadle How to Teach - Teaching tips for new teachers (YouTube)




Another type of school choice by Jim Dillon (SmartBlog). Dillon explores some ways to incorporate more choice into the classroom.

The Best Ways a Teacher Can Demonstrate Leadership in the Classroom? by C. M. Rubin (Huffington Post). In this article, 12 teacher bloggers worldwide reflect on ways that teachers can demonstrate leadership in the classroom. Karen Lirenman from Canada suggests sharing best practices, tips, curricula and more via social media with other educators. 

Want Students To Succeed? Teach With A Tough Empathy Pedagogy by David J. Kimball (ASCD). In this Inservice post, assistant principal David J. Kimball writes about "tough empathy," an education principle that requires teachers to give students what they need, not necessarily what they want. When implementing a tough empathy pedagogy, teachers must hold students to high expectations; listen to students with a desire to understand, not ridicule; and never give up on the students if they struggle. Kimball writes that the best teachers he works with use this method and the benefits prime students for future success. 




The Best of the Week: Volume 1

The Best of the Week: Volume 2

The Best of the Week: Volume 3







Tech Tip: Create grading shortcuts in Google Documents by Catlin Tucker (SmartBlog). Teachers can create grading shortcuts using Google Documents, suggests Catlin Tucker, an author, international trainer, education-technology speaker and Google Certified Teacher. In this blog post, she shares a guide to using shortcuts and offers a few of her own favorites.




Video: Improving Participation with Talk Moves (Teaching Channel)




Study: Students Learn Better When Lectures Come With Visual Aids by Ross Brenneman (Education Week). Students learn better when lectures include visual aids, according to a study of a science lecture at Washington University in St. Louis. Researchers found that students who had illustrative aids were better able to understand and remember the lecture. 




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